Welcome to my website! 😉

Welcome to my website! 😉


All this work is part of the exhibition RAÍCES, which was the fruit of a journey to Peru in 2017, which represents a turning point in my life and in the way I understand the world. After the floods, which affected Peru in 2017, I have seen that man is able to give his best, although he has lost everything. I set new priorities and, if possible, reaffirmed my pride in my "Andean" roots. Therefore "Raíces" is a dedication to my Peru and the zeal of its people for improvement. Their ability to accept reality with a smile on their faces and to face it, no matter how difficult it should be. Those who experience the present with joy and passion and really appreciate the irreplaceable values that are really important, like love for the family and for people..

RAÍCES. The works are a return to my roots, the original state of things, people and the world. They are the search for my inner child, a reunion with myself and with everything that allowed me to be who I am today.
They are a view into my deepest inner being searching for my essence - which is surrounded by purest feeling - in the hope of finding it.
They mean a return to the point where the true feelings are, free from excess, from the paralyzing, analytical thinking and from all the artificiality and superficiality that constitute today's societies. They are the return to the naked soul to free themselves from protective layers.
They mean to believe again.

RAÍCES breaks with the given patterns and social rules. She leaves the illusory world and the dazzling glory of the cities to face the painful truth.
The truth that connects them again with nature, with the earth, with the ancestors, with the really important values that have helped us to survive for generations.


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