Welcome to my website! 😉 Take a look!

Welcome to my website! 😉 Take a look!

Karmen Kraft

 Karmen Kraft — Peruvian-German Artist based in Berlin since 2010, working and experimenting in the visual areas, mainly draw, paint, illustration, linoleum and silkscreen

Karmen was born in 1976 in Gijón, Asturias in northern Spain and grew up in an matriarchal and artistic environment. Thanks to her mother's passion for painting and plastic arts, and her sister's musical sensitivity for the piano, surrounded by music, paintings and books, her childhood has always developed between brushes and scores, managing to awaken in her a love for all artistic expression in general and for drawing in particular.

At the age of 18, she went to an art school in León, where she studied the engraving techniques. She was admitted to the University of Fine Arts in Salamanca (Universidad de Bellas Artes de Salamanca), made her first experiences with oil paint and graduated from the University of the Basque Country (Universidad del País Vasco) with a degree in restoration and conservation of art.

She emphasizes that her artistic perspective is not feminist,
but feminine.

For her Kraft have two readings, on the one hand is the second surname of her father and as the word itself indicates in German, strength is the family trait that best represents on the one hand, her fighting, adventurous, optimistic about life and on the other hand, also shows that female inner strength that remains hidden, sometimes vulnerable, of contradictory emotions and repressed feelings taken to the limit and that need to be released, stripping her soul through her works. 

The main theme of her work is the person and their loneliness; represented as unique beings, with their complexity, inconsistency and internal struggles. A person who can remain independent and at the same time integrate into a society where their thoughts and actions are indispensable to others. Can identify with and be moved by strong emotions, but can not always express them verbally. Art is the medium, where she can communicate what she feels.


Through her work, she reflects on the concept of modern femininity and other issues close to her heart, including the importance of equality, respect and freedom. She believes that these are the three most important values for living together in a healthy society.


These values can break down and eradicate cultural and social constructions about gender differences, which have been passed down from generation to generation and shape social, professional and artistic direction. She believes that we live in a progressive age and that it is desirable to rethink outdated social constructions and to allow art to explore our individual and collective vulnerabilities so that we can experience and interpret the reality around us in new ways.



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