Welcome to my website! 😉

Welcome to my website! 😉


Nosoträs, Familie

 RAÍCES. This collection is a return to my origins. To the primeval state of things, of people and of the world. It is the search for my inner child, a reunion with myself and with everything that has allowed me to be who I am today, my roots. It is a look towards my deepest Self to find my own essence, that which is constructed with the mantle of the purest emotions, is to return to that corner where the true instincts flow, free from all excess, from the analytical reasoning that paralyzes, from all the artifice and superficialities that make up today's societies. It is to return to the nakedness of the soul to strip me of my protective layers. It's believing again.

RAÍCES is a break with pre-established social patterns and rules. It is to leave the world of the apparent and blinding glitter of cities to enter into the reality that hurts, the one that connects you again with nature, with the earth, with our ancestors, with the values that really matter and that for generations have allowed us to survive.  

RAICES arose as a result of a trip to Peru, which has meant a before and after in my life and in the way of understanding the world. To see first-hand that, after the great floods that have occurred recently, human beings are able to do their best, even though they have lost everything, has made me revise my priorities and increase even more my pride for my Andean roots. For this reason, this collection is a tribute to my Peru and to the eagerness of its people to improve, to their capacity to assume and face reality, no matter how adverse it may be that it is always with a smile, living the present with joy, passion and valuing the irreplaceable things that really matter: The love for the family and for the people.  


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