Welcome to my website! 😉

Welcome to my website! 😉

KNOT, the artist collective

KNOT is an international group formed by about 18 artists focused on painting, photography, graphic art, sculpture etc but without ruling out other forms of expression.
For each exhibition we choose a theme to.

For the second exhibition in Paris, we have chosen the theme "Transcendence".

Vernissage: January 28th starting at 6pm
The exhibition continues until February 2, 2020.

Venue: 8 Rue Boyer, 75020 Paris















Heike Arndt
Anne Louise Blicher
Chloe Grove
Philipp Haucke
Tuomas Korkalo
Karmen Kraft
Jean-Baptiste Monnin
Koosha Moossavi
Ornella Orlandini
Oscar Rey
Lisa Rytterlund
Katharina Schellenberger
Schjölberg Line
Loïc Saulin
Attila Schwanz
Xecon Uddin

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For our first exhibition in Berlin we have chosen, Metamorphosis.


Metamorphosis" group show by KNOT artists collective.
Vernissage : 8 November 2019 from 7 pm
At 8.30 pm there will be a live drawing performance among the attending artists
Venue : Raum für drastische Maßnahmen
Oderstrasse 34, 10247, Berlin
The exhibition will continue till 17 November 2019.




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