Welcome to my website! 😉

Welcome to my website! 😉

Diä N°9 - A3 Risograph

Risography, soya ink on Hahnemühle paper, Berlin, 2021

Artist: Karmen Kraft
Type: Limited
Limited to: 16 pieces
Sheet size: 29,7 x42 cm
Delivery time: 4-6 working days


This artwork is a risograph.
Risography is a stencil printing process originating in Japan, which is similar to screen printing, that uses vivid colours and stencils to create tactile and vibrant prints with little impact on our environment, as no chemicals or heat are needed to print and the print master and inks are made from natural raw materials.
Risography printing is a process that contains slight variations that make it so special - every print is unique! These characteristics are:

 - Staining- The ink is made from a combination of soybean oil, water and eco-friendly pigment, the prints are reminiscent of newspaper ink and it is possible for the ink to smudge.
 - Uneven coverage - Large flat areas of solid ink coverage are likely to show some slight variations, which may include pores and flooding.
 - Colour registration - Printing is similar to screen printing, in that each colour of ink is overlaid separately. A single piece of paper will pass through our press several times for multi-colour projects and the colour overlap can be uneven.
 - Tyre marks- When a piece of paper is fed through the machine several times and is heavily inked, the rollers in the paper feeder can leave tyre marks on the face of the pages or on the end sheets.

Attention: Keep in mind that the risograph process is sometimes unpredictable and there can be some very slight differences in any print, print marks or minor imperfections.The printing process is unique and it takes a lot of precise work, but that’s what I love about it and makes the prints cool! All inks are soy based. All prints are handprinted and signed by me in the studio.

The colours can differ from the screen!

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