Welcome to my website! 😉 Take a look!

Welcome to my website! 😉 Take a look!

Fine Art Print “Transparent II”

This print is a copy of an original drawing made by me called "Transparent II" with inks, markers, acrylic, paper, spray, charcoal and crayons on canvas.

This print has a total size of 21x26cm.

The print is printed on beautiful Tecco Matt 230gr Cotton Archival Art Paper with high definition Epson Fine Art Print.

This impression is not accompanied by passpartout.
You buy it assembled (dry mounted, which eliminates future wrinkles) and sealed in a clear envelope, which will be sent safely using hard cardboard, etc., as wrapping so that it does not bend or get damaged in transit.
Please note that no sale transfers the copyright, which remains the sole property of myself, the artist. Please do NOT use these images without my permission, thank you.


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