Welcome to my website! 😉

Welcome to my website! 😉


Transparent is a bitter critique of today's society. About its excessive EGO, its lack of attachment, sensitivity and generosity for others. For that exacerbated individuality that blurs us, preventing us from truly observing. It is to continuously contemplate our own navel without asking how you are, by licking our own wounds without healing those of others.


Transparent is also a suspenseful examination for the human being. For preferring to live with Mister Wonderful in a bubble of general anesthesia or to remain inside the pink world of Peter Pan so as never to have to grow up. For always living in a hurry, for always tiptoeing over the crude reality, so that the sadness for a bad news will last just one day and tomorrow be able to forget it.


Transparent is not to worry about you but about what they will say. To believe that to achieve perfection and happiness is to hide under the filters of the virtual world of Instagram. Choose the superficial rather than the natural. It is wanting to speak to you on a screen without ever needing to look for your gaze. It is passing by without looking or immersing. It's believing a pretty lie wrapped in morbid impact instead of the truth. It is to speak trivially, to pronounce empty words without struggling to think.


Transparent expresses a deep regret after seeing that men spend their lives as ghosts and that they do not care. It is a desire to relearn to observe the beauty of the subtle and enjoy again.      


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