Welcome to my website! 😉 Take a look!

Welcome to my website! 😉 Take a look!

Ewa II - A4 Risograph

Article description
- Handmade article
- Materials: Paper, Soya paint, Ink

- Height: 290 millimetres
- Width: 210 millimetres

- Shipping from Berlin, Germany to certain countries.

Article details
“Ewa II” Riso Print, A4

A4 Art Print, 3-4 coloured

Paper: Hahnemühle warm cream-white 210 g/m²
Dimensions: 250 mm x 350 mm

Colours Riso Yellow: Light Grey, Risofederal Blue and Yellow.

Colours Riso Orange: Light Grey, Risofederal Blue, Yellow and Red. 

Colours Riso Pink: Light Grey, Risofederal Blue, Fluorescente Pink.

Attention: Keep in mind that the risograph process is sometimes unpredictable and there can be some very slight differences in any print, print marks or minor imperfections.The printing process is unique and it takes a lot of precise work, but that’s what I love about it and makes the prints cool! All inks are soy based. All prints are handprinted and signed by me in the studio.

The colours can differ from the screen!


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